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tv   Cross Talk  RT  August 20, 2019 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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italy's prime minister resigned and accuses interior minister. of pushing the country into a political crisis. the u.s. military announces plans for a new into media range hypersonic commissars all to pulling out of the i.n.f. treaty with russia to test launching a new cruise missile. and u.s. attorney general william remove the acting director of prisons after the suicide of geoffrey epstein. well for the latest on all of these stories you can head to. stay with us now for crosstalk.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle the legal saga of geoffrey epstein has become a spectacle that is lucrative click bait for the media and of course the accusations against epstein are being used to entrap his social circle through guilt by association but what about justice this is on trial to. talking predatory elites i'm joined by my guest brian joyce in chattanooga he is host of the brian joyce show in west palm beach we have dr jean allowed in she is a psychology expert as well as a trump 2020 media advisory board member and in athens we cross to alex christopher
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he is the director. and writer for the duran dot com all right jet gentlemen and lady jump in anytime you want that's the whole point of the program alex let me go to you i'm going to ask probably the broadest possible question you can about this whole saga what is this story about and why now alex. i don't think i can answer that question peter because we're still finding out so busy much but i will tell you that this story is about a mysterious man that we really don't know nothing about and that is jeffrey epstein i mean we're just now starting to learn who this guy was and one thing is very clear peter he is not a billionaire hedge fund manager i think that's becoming obvious now what we have and what we know is that we have this guy who was a 20212223 years old he was a math and physics teacher at the dalton high school in new york from there not he
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went to bear stearns and then from bear stearns we have a complete blank we have this guy who was at bear stearns and left under suspicious circumstances and then all of a sudden became this billionaire with this incredible social circle and black book rolodex of the who's who in new york city in hollywood and in d.c. and now we have to learn who this guy is if we understand the man we're going to understand the crime ok i wonder if we're ever going to learn who the man is here because he's already gone on trial for similar allegations and got off and that is a mystery in itself and that is unfortunately for president trump close to him in his administration gina i mean in watching the media coverage of it all i mean there is an enormous amount of spin going on here this guilt by association of course there with they're going after donald trump here i mean correct me if i'm wrong here but russia gate the hoax failed now they've come up with another. tory.
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i think it's pretty clear to say that this is obscene is a pretty awful human being you should have been in prison a long time ago is getting a lot of protection seemingly but is it because the left wants another bite at the apple and they've come up with this story because it's so lurid it's so disgusting and it's so click of a beta bowl that people are going to follow the story instead of the real issues like i try to do on this program gino go ahead and west palm beach well it's a much like the russian hoax and fact that the only collusion that has actually come out of the russian hoax as you know is that there were democrats colluding all over the place with foreign governments and so this i think will turn out to be much the same honestly we had president trump more than 10 years ago kicked epstein out of all of his properties based upon the report of one father to president trump privately one father came along and said i don't like the way he approached my daughter president trump said you're gone you're off all trump properties for ever
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and they've been completely alienated from one another ever since so to try to draw this close to trump is as ridiculous as it is to try not to draw it to former president clinton because we have pictures of president clinton more than 26 legs of flights in route and back from this island where all of this cilicia took place and so it doesn't surprise me that the democrats are trying once again not to put it on a truck but to deflect from their own guilt remember that jeffrey epstein is a major donor and that president trump as candidate trump in 2015 at c pac when interviewed by sean hannity said when he was asked about bill clinton he said he better keep his distance from epstein because i'm telling you what that ship's going down so he's been warning about epstein for more than a decade to try to tie this to him is as ridiculous as trying to present the trump russia collusion story that didn't work i know that was pretty ridiculous so i'm not surprised you're trying it again brian your thoughts on all of this and maybe
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any thoughts about the timing of it why now go ahead bernie. well 1st i'd like to go back and correct a couple of factual inaccuracy is number one the russian investigation is not a hoax number 2 we all know from volume 2 page 2 of them all the report that donald trump is more than likely guilty of obstruction of justice ok. let's put it let's talk about jeffrey epstein let's talk about the. yeah keep going yes let's put that aside ok well let's talk about the more important issue of sexual harassment sexual deviancy sexual predation what we know is that this is a man who the shame to me peter the way politics is so polarized today is everybody is looking to pin this on somebody else or case or if you're trying to support or you want to immediately pivot back to the clintons or god and of course a lot of liberals would like to point out that donald trump was very good friends with jeffrey epstein as well what this indicates to me is the same thing that i
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learned from the harvey weinstein incidents all these other reports of powerful wealthy well connected men who are preying on young women and preying on victims it is something that infiltrates all levels of society i believe in the world i mean we see this to the tops of hollywood to the highest offices in washington d.c. to people on wall street from the tops of companies to the bottom of companies there are sexual predators all across the world and. it's something i think we should all be concerned about i think we should all put aside our political differences as well let's stop blaming bill clinton here i'd like to point out that the current president of the united states if we want to talk politics has been accused of raping or assaulting 24 different women which is might have anything to get young girls can't play out of this is a serious issue you know. excuse me i'm sure you can and i think you already ate and wait your turn speak i have to ask you
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a straight man i can relate to turn. on at home. don everybody done speaking done speaking no need to interrupt me. i would just like to point that out i'll put on aside the politics this is a serious issue that transcends politics ok gini you jump in there and b. but there's no indictment against donald trump ok and i mean that is a big difference here ok and but what brian does bring up a good point and a very fair point here but i found my last sentence in my introduction was about getting justice i'm more interested in that and then scoring political points here because jeffrey epstein was in investigated and he was let off with a lie this. lie just imagine a sentence here ok and i don't care what political affiliation was involved in that but the problem the process broke down and the victims there were victims that were even told about the settlement and then we don't know what happened from then but i
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tend to have a feeling that people don't change very much behaviors don't change here and so with this light sentencing and seen presumably kept going on with his quote unquote lifestyle i'm worried about that justice we need to be served go ahead. i completely agree with you and this is always a case of power born out of insecurity we see it played out over and over again your other guest is right about that much in hollywood in television in general in all sorts of entertainment and naturally in politics any place where power can be used as a weapon we're going to continue to see this but this case is special and different in a really disgusting manner and the fact that this is directed at children at the trafficking and raping and prostitution of children how dare anyone conflate relationships extramarital or whatever that many men have in this country how dare
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anyone conflate that with the rape of a child i will not sit here as a mother of young daughters and let that be and so i want to correct that record right now in no case is the president in any way charged or even accused of any such goings on so we will not conflate that any further but focusing back on the power this is really common we see it in the bully on the playground my background as you know 6 isn't human behavior and i studied this literally my whole life the play of power is very interesting because we don't tend to think of power as something tangible to expend in our culture we know money has we think of money as paper even though most money isn't paper we think of you know goods as as something that is tangible but power is something that can be played most effectively perhaps that we can't see and it's for that reason that a lot of times it's played in the darkest and most underhanded ways. you know power is power is assured when you have protection and i think that's really what you've
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been getting at here. at the duran dot com you've been focusing a lot on that i mean if you go back to the beginning i mean who is this guy how did he get this circle of friends and are these people protecting him or is he doing something to them like extortion i mean we don't know. but but jane is absolutely right the end issue of power is central to all of this go ahead alex and athens absolutely and that's why you know as much as we would like to separate the politics from this story because what has happened is truly disgusting we simply can't because this man jeffrey epstein was connected to a lot of powerful people and he was he was giving these girls to these powerful people i mean we have a witness testimony to that we have documentation from actual victims that say they have been on this island they were on this plane called the lead express and they had sexual relations with powerful people we know this the question peter is that
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are we going to find out what really happened because when you're talking about powerful people i don't want to see another incident like what happened at the jesse small like case i don't want to see another incident like the hoax that was kavanagh which was a hoax where is julie sweat nick what is going what happened with all the kavanaugh witnesses that suddenly disappeared and the russia gate thing which was a hoax you can't deny these things and i don't want to see this happen again and the people don't want to see this happen again because you are dealing with the most vulnerable of society which are children that is just a fact and these powerful people took advantage of children aided by this custodian like figure known as epstein the question is was epstein really behind this are we talking about even more powerful people that were behind this ok i'm going to jump in here we're going to go to a short break and i have a short break we'll continue our discussion on predatory elite stay with.
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i just financial survival job today was all about money laundering 1st to visit this cash industry different. good this is a good start well we have our 3 banks all set up here maybe something in europe something in america something overseas in the cayman islands or do we do all these banks are complicit in the park received a soft ball and say hey i'm ready to do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we did while we've got home got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry how about. luxury automobile again for max you know what money laundering is highly illegal here for a watch guys record. why
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a paradise with some ground turned into a round the experimentation field for agricultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritant there's no question otherwise why would the chemical company workers themselves be geared up that suited up locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments that often in day you have many of these people one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power.
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welcome back across like we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing predatory elites. ok brian let me go back to you again i want to stress the timing why do you think this happened now because you know coming down to the studio to record this program with your good folks here i mean there are dozens and dozens of videos on you tube spanning over the last 10 years talking about this guy and his escapades ok i mean why now and why is the jurisdiction in new york particularly interested in this and maybe a 2nd part here is that. seen probably know that he has a very powerful social circle he most definitely has information about them i mean
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do you see some kind of you know. plead where he's going to cough up people in there or will the authorities not let that happen because that's what we saw what happened to him in florida he got protection go ahead brian. well let's address a couple of these issues because i think it's sort of like a 2 part question 1st peter i think this if there's still any wonder why sometimes it takes victims this long or a story this long to come to light let's just stop and consider the circumstances to jeffrey epstein because it's a great example of what gina and alex have been talking about here the power and the wealth and just the power over people that comes with this let's say you're a 14 year old girl who says she was raped or assaulted by jeffrey epstein all the way back in 1997 ok let's look at who jeffrey epstein's friends are one of his
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friends is the current president of the united states bill clinton one of his other friends will be president in 20 years donald trump and the man who the attorney who cut the sweetheart deal to let your predator go is now the secretary of labor just stop and think about that you're a 14 year old girl who was assaulted by somebody i think you're going up against a president of the united states another president of the united states attorney who is now the secretary of labor this is why a lot of victims don't come forward in the 1st place because they feel like the justice system is completely stacked against them nobody's going to believe them and even if they do believe them nothing's going to happen that's very depressing isn't it i think all of our viewers would agree that it's very depressing and that and gina i. go to you i mean that's the conclusion i've drawn to all right i mean because it seems to me that there's so much protection of the powerful that they're going to some kind of deal among themselves i think epstein is definitely going to
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go to prison that's for sure i mean considering what they found in his mansion i mean but at the same time will we ever find out the truth and i think this is you know we look at varsity blues we look at the meat to movement i think. so and you know a lot about psychology i think all of us are getting really sick and tired of the free pass for the rich and powerful when everyone else has to follow the law and i mean it becomes it's so patently obvious and it's so repetitive here again i want to take the politics out i want justice not only for these victims but a sense of justice in society because why believe in the as these institutions i know that the police in florida were outraged by the by how it was treated ok i mean that you're demoralizing institutions ok and this is really dangerous give us your thoughtful psychological thoughts on that go ahead gina. well it's the power
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is absolutely at play here but if if this was allowed to happen it's hard to take the template of politics off of it because politics became the cover that shield it right from ever coming to light and that is absolutely the truth we know that epstein was a top donor to democrats not republicans democrats we know that the current president president trump has called for the deepest of investigations into this he wants the truth eliminated he called for it back in 2015 he banned epstein from all properties going on a dozen a decade ago i think rather and so many of us especially here in palm beach were epstein has a home as you know have been watching this case for a long time this is very close to us and we sort of don't want our town tarnished by the goings on of epstein and they've known for a long time that he for example is not allowed at any of the trump properties here and that he and trump have been very much at odds for a very long time and when i hear about things like the recent evidence that has
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come out since the trial that happened and i understand why perhaps someone might have taken a plea deal back in the day when they were being threatened with no jail time at all for epstein which is a horrifying thought i don't know that prosecutors have that much influence on what kind of cushy prison somebody gets like eppstein ended up and i would say that's where more political power came to into play and i would bet if you like anything in politics if you follow the money you're going to find out exactly where the cover up came from and i don't think this is going to a good for democrats going into 2020 and i don't think you can remove that point and i think that's why they're deflecting to the president will follow the money. is there a trail though i mean that's one of the things you brought up is there a trail because from what i understand he didn't have any infrastructure no computers no suit servers very few employees i mean 100 to do it by magic i mean is there a trail here i mean there's even questions about. the illegal ownership of his
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mansion in new york there's no evidence he actually bought it if he has it but did he buy it and if he didn't did someone else give it to him and if someone gave it to him why go ahead and who gave it to him why we know that he didn't have a hedge fund business because he didn't have the infrastructure for his fund business so we have to deal with facts peter and i want to correct bryan a little bit on correct and i want to stick to facts it's i don't think it's right to say that trump was his friend i also don't think it's right to say that bill clinton was his friend i think we shouldn't use words like that because we don't know what their relationship was we know we know that epstein was writing this lolita express plane to this island we know that bill clinton's name shows up in the locks 26 to 27 times i've heard 26 of her 27 but we know his name is there we know trump's name is not there we just know that trump said he's a terrific guy in passing years ago we also know that trump in 20082009 actually
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was the only person that helped to give some legal team that was a press against epstein in florida he was the only one that helped them out he was the only one that that would take the cause to try and prosecute epstein we also know however that a cost when he was entering the white house did say that he was told epstein belonged to intelligence that's a quote from the daily beast so once again who is epstein and what did and what does a cost to nor what was he told so we need to stick to facts you can't sit there and say trump was his friend we can't say bill clinton was from we don't know what their relationship was but we do know that right now we have a lot of luck we have we have a lot of instances where bill clinton's name shows up in the lock files we know that trump is not connected to epstein fusion g.p.s. try to connect him there is that name fusion g.p.s.
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remember them they. try to connect trump have seen they came up with nothing 0 so we need to follow the facts year we just can't go on and say trump is buddies with epstein clinton was buddies we still don't know yet but i hope we do find out later ok i do too and i think that's a very good point that you're making people are throwing this term around they were friends ok maybe it was transactional if it was transactional what was the transaction ok we need to know that brian i want to go back to something you said when we've been talking about alexander acosta i think i would like to have him under oath and ask a few questions about the case about 10 years ago in florida why did he make the decisions that he did and he did say that he was told to leave it alone what does that mean and why brian. well i don't think that's going to happen i don't think alex accost is going to be under oath any time soon because i don't think donald trump will allow it and i don't think republicans will allow it so i would just get that out of your mind completely but you know it's very clear to me peter that i
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believe the other 2 guests here it's clear that they're trying to pin everything back to the clintons and that's fine because i understand republicans 20 years later still have not gotten over the clintons that's very clear but you know sticking to the facts sure let's stick to the facts if you're wondering why people use this story to go after donald trump let's stick to the facts i will go back to a fact that i have already pointed out on the show the current president of the united states has been accused of harassing or raping over 20 women and yes gina that doesn't pollute at least one under a. meeting to go used if you want. and. screw the talking i let you talk to me right now let me. now let me talk excuse me ma'am i let you talk you can i mean not going to let you can talk what you want you're not going to talk over without me having it who inherit a lot more time i have let you talk you will not let me speak and you're not going to speak over me if you want to play this game i can talk right over you all day
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long he has been accused of rape and assault more times that bill clinton and bill cosby combined that's a fact about the current sitting such a president talking about a lot of slim and that fact rather that i don't think that you i don't think that the point you're making has anything to do yes when they rule and they are robbing me are going to be right there to say i'm going to deny them especially when i play and then we go to jeanne now let's go to brian robbie for a be fair let's go to gina go ahead gina. ok should i interrupt her the way she did with me because there's a time there is a time there's a time it's all right said go ahead go ahead and i think and i think thank you and i think in particular it's very important that we don't let the left who's trying to paint a certain picture or anyone else if it comes from the right i don't even care juxtapose the difference between the rape of a child we need to be very careful here with our own political will and personal
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will there is nothing similar to the rape of a child and an extramarital affair and especially when there is 0 proof or 0 evidence of any of the above so we need to drop that accusation and focus here that children were raped and abused and exploited that possibly worse things went on here than we even know about yet and i do agree with our president this needs to be investigated in every way possible and mark my words he'll be the one demanding the investigation we'll watch and see if the allies of your other friends who want to conflate rape and relationship let me make of chile me jump in here to put adult well look and see if they're demanding let me divest acacia now let me give the last word here alex are a lot of people having a hard time so you don't demand to go ahead or now let's go ahead alex 30 seconds. we can't look to say someone is accused one time or
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a 100 times does it mean anything peter was he found guilty no right people conditionals people all people can accuse people all they want all they want if you're powerful person if you're a billionaire real estate about the liberty bill clinton bill cosby went on trial and the trial played out on it so far today as we sit here in speech all you have is accusations we're going to stick to the we just stick to the facts stick to the facts last night and we're going to end this program sticking with the facts many things in my. in chattanooga west palm beach and out and thanks to our viewers for watching us here are to see you next time and remember.
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i'm. going to. give me too much it. is not a plan but i'm also the most amazing knows i've been the good news is you to please not emotional when they. come because he most people almost home even though he goes from didn't you know just to see he has put
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a you know i call. someone. to see him you kind of them if. they. come to your list too.
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this is boom box broadcasting around the globe and covering the world of business and finance a man on assault on daybreak on washington here's a look at what's on deck today tears continue in the trade relationship between the u.s. and china if you will in no small part because of protests that continue to shake hong kong archies fairmont this deal goes on the ground bringing us the latest from the autonomous territories and speaking of those fears leaders of both nations are trading blows with each side bringing their demands to the table to rob gupta of the institute for trying to american studies on him to sift through the stakes for trade and finally that is good news for the banks of the f.t. i see it as a just in the bogle rule but more importantly what does this mean for consumers for that neighbor a public citizen one the hand of break down what the rule change means especially in the wake of global rate cuts and finally read hop over to the e.u. where the latest crisis unfolding in italy as the nation's prime minister has announced his resignation are g.'s alex mahela bichon joins us to go.


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